About Us

Paragon SA is a real estate firm which provides investment services to private and public equity vehicles focused on real estate and real estate-related endeavors principally in Switzerland. Paragon works with investment partners to identify, asset manage, and operate properties. We are a one-stop shop with expertise in finance, leasing, insurance, redevelopment, construction and building operations.

Paragon also specializes in tenant representation, third party asset management, and brokerage in commercial real estate. Paragon executives are multi-lingual and multi-national and benefit from an international approach to corporate culture combined with a local presence and expertise in local markets. In particular, through the experience of its chief executive, Paragon SA is able to transfer some of the successful approaches pioneered in the US real estate market to a European context.

Paragon's key strengths lie in distressed opportunities, underperforming and undervalued assets and value creation opportunities. Investments include single assets, portfolios, joint-ventures and real estate development, as well as real estate-related loans and debt instruments. We canvas retail, logistics, office, industrial, as well as senior and student housing opportunities.

Note from the CEO

The year 2020 is now behind us and was an extraordinary year in so many respects. Whether it was the reaction to Covid, the Donald Trump election loss and his response to that, the influence of the media to shape policy and behavior around the world, the tendency for people to be more open to believe in conspiracy theories, the massive increase in Federal governments printing of money, the record highs of the stock market, the work from home and shop from home adjustments, the year 2020 will remain an important one that shapes society going forward.

This past year has encouraged us to question ourselves and reflect on how we work, with whom we work, and even when and where we work. I am pleased to confirm that Paragon was well prepared for the new working environment as we were already practicing working from where ever made the most sense, we manage by objective rather than count our hours, we have a cloud IT infrastructure that makes it just as efficient to work remotely as in the office, and we always placed a focus on the health and the well-being of our people. 

In 2021, Paragon will remain true to its relatively conservative values while taking calculated risks. Paragon will continue its’ development in industrial and logistics real estate, for which we notice a gap between supply and demand, particularly on the outskirts of French-speaking Swiss cities, and we will continue to grow our residential exposure both in France and Switzerland. 

Despite the difficult year, we will keep a positive memory of the year 2020. In spite of the uncertainties and volatility of the financial, political and real estate markets, we have achieved great successes, among others :

We remain enthusiastic about our prospects for growth in 2021 because every crisis offers new opportunities. We have various projects to develop our existing properties and intend to grow our portfolio in the in French-speaking Switzerland where we have already been activefor a long time as well as in France Voisine.

Since its creation, Paragon has remained faithful to its strategy, which has proven to be extremely effective and whose primary goal remains to control financial risk while creating value through asset management expertise. Despite the uncertainties of today's world, we are excited about our opportunities to grow while remaining loyal to our strategy and aligned with our values.


                                                                                                                 Mike WOLFSON