Introducing Paragon Story : Piretti SA (Part 1)

What is a Paragon Story? At Paragon, we do many different types of projects including Sale & Lease-back partnerships, Value-Add investments or Private Equity. Today, we are pleased to encapsulate some of these humane stories in a series of short videos.

In our first edition, we present the “Piretti SA” project in 2 parts: Paragon participated in the buyout of this company, its operations and the building at Rue des Voisins 17, Plainpalais. We relocated the operations within the Canton of Geneva in order to redevelop the downtown location, while ensuring the company’s long-term future within the city. Paragon remains a proud shareholder in this historic company founded in 1863 with over 80 employees and growing. 


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Paragon Story : Piretti SA (Part 2)


Part 2 : The Challenges and Successes